Your initial appointment will be a 60-90 minute consultation that consists of a thorough in-depth assessment of body systems of concern. You can expect a follow-up consultation 2-3 weeks after, which will take roughly 30 minutes.

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What you can expect

Treatment goals, treatment plan, diet modification recommendations (2-3 suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), nutrient recommendations either through food or supplementation, lifestyle recommendations, touch point via email, text or phone 7 days after your initial consultation to see how you are tracking.


Initial consultation - $110 I 60-90mins

Followup consultation - $60 I 30mins

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Additional extras

7, 10 or 14 day meal plans available.

Functional testing - e.g. comprehensive stool analysis, hair mineral analysis, OAT test, allergy testing, etc. 

Practitioner only supplements

In-home cooking sessions

Food shopping assistance


Contact for pricing

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These are not mandatory, however are useful.

Any previous blood tests - your GP can print out a copy for you at your request.

Food and symptom diary - a template can be downloaded here.